Money as a wedding gift; Dutch style

In the Netherlands it is common to give money, as it is an easy though useful gift. However, often people feel uncomfortable giving money, as it is impersonal. At the same time, the bride and groom may feel uncomfortable to ask for money. Often a small envelope symbol on the wedding invite is used to communicate that money as a gift is desired. Sometimes it is mentioned where the couple is saving for, e.g. a honeymoon or a new couch.

On the wedding day there often is a box present at the reception (a ‘moneybox’) where people can put their envelopes with money in. Some of these envelopes have a name on them, some of them are anonymous. After the wedding the newlyweds can collect their money.

Another option for the couple is to collect money via a special website, on which a goal is set (like a honeymoon). Guest can ‘pay’ on forehand via creditcard or iDeal.

Compared to the Turkish ritual, the Dutch ritual is very impersonal and even somewhat awkward. Money is still seen as a sort of taboo. There is no real ritual of handing over the gift, and there are no clear ‘unwritten rules’ about how much money should be given and how. ImageImage

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