The influence of the internet on traditions Interesting article about how the internet contributes to the changing and fading out of rituals and traditions

In the Netherlands it is common to give money, as it is an easy though useful gift. However, often people feel uncomfortable giving money, as it is impersonal. At the same time, the bride and groom may feel uncomfortable to ask for money. Often a small envelope symbol on the wedding invite is used to […]

At a Turkish wedding the tradition is to give money in a very public way. During the reception, the bridal pair is invited on stage. The both of them wear a ribbon around their neck. One by one the guests come and pin money on the ribbons. The master of ceremonies publicly announces the amount […]

ReFeel is the result of a two-week collaboration between me, another TU/e ID student and two Turkish students. Our goal was to bring rituals together and we focused on the ritual of greeting. A video of this workshop will be online soon.

There are different ideas and understandings of what a ritual is. The most common description is that it is an act or a series of acts during a ceremony. Geert and Gert Jan Hofstede define a ritual as collective activities that are social essential within a culture (Cultures & Organizations, 2010). Rituals can be found […]

I started off this project by doing a one-week pressure cooker at the st. Lukas school in Brussels, Belgium. During this week, students from the TU/e worked together with students from the st. Lukas school. The goal was to get a deeper understanding of Turkish culture -with special regards to wedding rituals- and to design […]